Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The whole point of police existence is based on crime fight such as is MK Ultra

 Nobody needs police that supports(engaged in torture and protected torturers) and even compels people into crime as as was my case for 27 years. Rape is rape, theft is just theft, and murder is just murder - but that 10.000+ death threats takes place against individual, that one spends 3,5 years of his life drugged up 24/7, is which-hunted with psychiatry so he can open his mouths...fuck police like this. Politicians that are guilty to you !!??? Ohh, well...and civilization is what in that case !!????? Politicians didn't invent police - it was a need for safety in human beings that created one and you THE PEOPLE ALONG POLICE seems prefer crime(special interests $$$) over safety.

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