Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Correction on 1999 - Carl XVI Gustaf

It was 1996(and since) when I insisted you to arm Ukraine with also Saab Gripen war planes not 1999. Related to 

@Carl XVI Gustaf - Americans who hijacked me claimed me how I was paying price for Ukrainian independence since...but then again Americans(YOU, GERMANY, GB etc. - it was 

on your behalf I was hijacked from Miami) alone needed it just as Russia did. Things concerning me only went from bad to the worst ever-since(27 years), so definitely I wasn't abducted/hijacked for my own sake not even Ukraine's sake...

Some Ukrainians believed were Russians till Vladimir Putin proved them wrong in 2014. 

However, we do have(we continue to have) Milan Kučan Borut Pahor in Slovenia even today and myself in situation as is for the last 27 years going from bad to worst and yourself being very supportive(tolerant) of one - there was no job no chance for me in Sweden in 2010 nor in Norway where filing for protection as you know and have seen -  for you to seek further excuse in lies such as UKRAINE COULDN'T BE GIVEN WEAPONS AT THE TIME BECAUSE ONE WAS TOO PRO RUSSIAN...FACT IS I WAS REPEATEDLY BEATEN UP INSIDE OF THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN KIEV AND IN SOME PARTS OF UKRAINE JUST AS THE CASE WAS WITH BOSNIA WHERE SERBS CONTROLLED CERTAIN AREAS SURE, BUT ALL IN ALL YOU HAD YOUR OWN PLANS FOR UKRAINE AND SEPARATELY ONE CONCERNING  MY EXISTENCE.

Some insisted I am founding father of Ukraine, but I see myself only as someone who was taken advantage of and murdered for your own sake. Keeping Ukraine exhausted gives you leverage in one and myself killed a reason more to lie and get away with murder/ more dead keeps coin spinning further...otherwise game(lie) could come to and end too fast

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