Wednesday, January 5, 2022

When it comes to Lojze Peterle

 I was EVEN ASKING REPEATEDLY CRIMINAL DRUGGED UP AS I WAS ON NOVO MESTO - SEVNICA TRAIL if he at least checked background of blacks from Africa whom they imported on large scale via Russian KGB to Slovenia since 1998 to make sure they wouldn't present KGB hazard in here - answered me that they did and it doesn't show up, but how they would follow to see blah blah...

@Lojze Peterle - YOU ARE NOT SLOVENIAN. They used doppelgangers for you sure , but ALSO because you both with Rupl needed those as you were along Janša and others a regular screw-ups.

Insisted me on how I should have been taken away citizenship(that its what I should publish for other countries what to do if in same situation) - woken up and given RETURN ultimatum as per return to USA as is country with nothing but malicious intentions...well Peterle, there are Slovenian communities all over USA as well and you needed me drugged up for your free cancer evaluations all over American hospitals. You will bring them to Slovenia all as well or wave them goodbye perhaps tell them they are not Slovenian in case something like this happens to them !!???? 

I knew what Milan Kučan Borut Pahor Danilo Turk and other UDBA clowns were, but what stricken me the most was patriotism of those whom I have voted for during Slovenian independence and after...Slovenia so far a homeland controlled by politicians with accumulated wealth of saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing - HOMELAND OF NOT WORTHY OF MY NAME.

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