Wednesday, January 5, 2022

IF you will eat trout once you return from Sevnica trail, they will let me get away with it is what MK Ultra instructions of Milan Kučan's left hand in 2017 - Ljubljana's major(half Serbian 100% chetnik) Zoran Janković

What trout I asked back, and was told "they will prepare you old trout and one will boost cancer"...

But paranoia of Milan Kučan(trout was fine - I had no problem with one) in respect to his private chetnik major in Ljubljana didn't stop there - letter awaited me upon return home from Sevnica(65 kilometres hiking trail) yesterday and for the one mother insisted me she will be okay once letter comes as I am 100% dead. Letter was delivered from cancer association which was involved in my case and have participated even medical research I have mentioned have taken place few days ago - procedure identical to spine breaking X raying in Poland where they took X rays before spine was broken and switched one with x rays of already broken spine.
Reality about Janković's paranoia is based on human power of negative energy(autosuggestion lies) used for people to convince themselves into something non existing through chain of pre planned events triggered at crucial time in this case for the sake of new coming elections for which Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor insisted me will fall in their hands.

This company by name SVIT used for cancer research on intestines was involved in MK Ultra and was told if not going on their research, it will be my fold - there was a female younger about 40-45 years old and older man(main individual) about 60 years old in 2017...male was boss and she was a marketer/his replacement whatever...when everybody including mother knows what type of cancer you will have to deal as she insisted me for two daces I suffer from cancer with even some organisation specialized in cancers and you are not allowed to medical examination which you have paid in for through health insurance as was my case - what sense does it make to go waste time and money leftovers on above seen !!???

Mother who called me yesterday while on hiking trail to Sevnica and once I asked her if she has emergency answered with no, to please no longer call me unless she has emergency called me again as was passing next to house for which they told me under MK Ultra will to see how I will react to her call and as calls repeated again on next location involving same issues and Peter Kapš inserting in paragraph that she will do just that to also disturb me since I will be tired through procedure call drop phone call drop phone call drop phone and don't answer after calling back as she did also cursed me for returning from Poland last year same as year was my return from Belarus and USA in 2006 when she called me American spy before even greeting me and so on...when trouts which you eat once every two weeks are too expensive with reduced price of 50% and in the cheapest store and you with possibly stage 4 cancer are called lazy animal freeloader for fighting back MK ultra psychiatry trauma/abuse - for posting truth and so on....that was once my mother at least before London royals and Kučan appeared in here. Insisted me she will be gone before MK Ultra case becomes recognized and its why she has to do stuff like this, but I think as I stated in 2012 when hospitalized - she is up to no good as she never ever was just like my father who lied police about abuse and many other issues...

For me Yugoslavia doesn't refer from issue of nazi Germany.

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