Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Intestine cancer I have written about quite a lot in the past as was used to murder politician and natives in Slovenia

One single pill or poisonous food can be given to you and you do have one 100%. 

I don't have one yet, but when you play with cancer in case I have another form of cancer, intestine cancer is the easiest cancer form to contract due to above specified reasons. Its theory can be proven as the main cause of death despite possibility of your suffering another form of cancer(here is where and why worrying about whatever stops) BUT WHO THE F*** would perform medical examination as the young physician 

involved in MK Ultra did week ago as the whole thing is insanity utopia multiplied with 1000 !!???? Answer is nobody sane(criminal with strong background support would as is a classic case for police) 

Did I mentioned police !!???? And MK Ultra game with cancer !!???? WTF !!! Why should I care...nope, they insisted me to get out of politics but politics ruined my life and the only way to get job done is to grab politicians by their neck. Health play was as they stated to me redirection of meaning of life for me...cited me others who worry only about health its how bed it is for them and such will have to be my case or will be killed.

Slovenian healthcare !!???? Was used in my life to pay for forced psychiatry on me and to lie me about cancer/spine issues in the face and onto microphone. Worry only when you have reason to worry otherwise not - principle applies even in case of death and nobody to my knowledge can stop government in agreement(my case was all about intergovernmental agreements based on crime) from killing one. 

Britney told me I will glow - talked to me under MK Ultra about mentioned fish and  ot eating kaki/Persimmon fruit - advertisement virus at its best mentioned types of cancer but one comes out in Slovenian language and I didn't use android(seen are screen shots) to learn about cancer in Slovenian language...I cite, "we will send you adds will try to remind you what you should not under to avoid cancer blah blah"...

@Spears - Milan Kučan loves you(diversified share of crime) for your news. You are the greatest ever.

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