Thursday, January 6, 2022

The one who reminded me of hill and ask me to exonerate Harry from Nazi dress was Daniel Rex Smith who, however, told me Harry's age at the time was limit to assume responsibility for one

 Others participating protested one, but I do despite all. Despite whatever took place in 1999 London and since against me I do. Harry's is age was 20 at the time of Nazi dress. And while William somehow moved on after Diana's death in politically correct direction, Harry had more difficulty - is more emotional personality and at times hated me, but we hate often times those whom we are associated the most with because

nobody can be hurt much as closest one...however, no one in Royal family could have made step forward and ask me in real life to explain above as  Charles stated but it wouldn't be the same and this brings us partially(that other part was just filthy chip systematic way out - indifferent from Putin) to feeling which I experienced when at times Hollywood people would meet me in real time with idea to identify them - it's called human dignity.

Harry who in meanwhile ran many times in between concerning myself, however, was so certain in 2005 I will prove world my innocence that appears have taken whatever he saw in me on a next stage - expressed protest(whatever he saw in me - innocence and hatred) in a nazi uniform. Harry have upon loss of his mother Diana wanted to look as grown up even as child. Acted around as grown up as child - wanted to be seen as grown up and displayed overconfidence in just about everything. His atmosphere consisted of good looking young chicks and psychologists/psychiatrists - good and bad and manipulators...good claimed I will prove case for which he knew was more than real - he was part of this case and have suffered consequences because of one - have seen himself in was his protest against world possibly even for my sake. I have never ever noticed anything hateful in one as far as nazism...he, however, spent already 10 years next to me observing me and people around me since his age of 10 - all the MK Ultra hiking trails...all the violence - he saw and knew all from 1995 who/how and why.

Anyhow, I hope for Mr. Parmigiani to have gained part of his sanity back as he claimed me would loved too...father Charles, the financier of Parmigiani watch factory, had quite a few William and Harry looking grandkids to enjoy with - that helped too. 

No need for gratefulness of any kind. We remain on opposite political poles for now for at least till I clear my head completely(Harry as was explained became convinced that I have to do with Diana's death as well - with so many dead people around me as was told or even lied about) to see if there is anything left for us, but I do miss two Diana's kids - I admit that. That part was really good. 

Anyhow, I am American citizen as well and I shouldn't even be anywhere in Europe - around you whatever and have consequently lost 27 years and health through(if not because of) you not to mention real problems you mounted atop of Putin or ? 

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