Thursday, January 6, 2022

@William and Harry

It was not my fold your mother Diana was killed in crash accident. Not my fold to have lost life - 27 years in process. It was a politic of your father, grandma, and what even became part of you alone. In politics(around politicians) people sometimes die - lose lives.

If my case was so sensitive to US, US should upon return to US from MK Ultra mission seat me up at the table and explain situation one learned about my case - offer settlement for the cost of experience and repatriate me back to Slovenia if accepted from my end or demand from me to withdraw Slovenian citizenship at that point. 

It was too lucrative for West to do just that and too expensive to settle matter after I no longer was needed as was told in 2003 just to be brought back to the table again and again by hasty politicians - Trumpet...have spent no less than 15 years on West of which 13 were in USA alone - filed even for asylum in Canada in 2010 all at zero help from end which claimed cared for never ever lost mother because of me, but I admit we were surprisingly close to one 

another. Enough close for me to state whatever I stated.

And the way you begun to view me - mistreat me two years after Diana's death was very very wrong/totally inhumane.

Those Diana's kids - I miss them wherever they have gone too(they grew up and I grew up too)...

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