Saturday, January 1, 2022

MUCH WORSE THAN USSR - PIEL ISLAND(Walney, Barrow-in-Furness, UK) in my case was nothing but private Guantanamo bay locate on British isle

 Vladimir Putin visited one with Medvedev for the first time in 1998(100% in 1998) already
and it was war against me ever since also in Great Britain. Andrew and Charles both promised me retaliation for it...funny cause local government which allocated money to maintain island

claimed me in face it was because of me - for my sake to help me in a same way as Lukashenko and Putin when performing beatings/torture on me in Russia and in Belarus for over two decades - whenever trafficked from USA and then from Slovenia...Romanov's cousins from Londonia sure did their best to accommodate their relatives from Moscow as for anyone seeking asylum in Britain if experiencing problems with Putin a British choice is a dead end if you have problems with Putin, don't invite British in your country on front lines - worse than if you invite Russian military experts in there...they are in bed with one another. I would keep on distance also Germans(EVEN MORE SO) and knife in the back Ameros. Nowhere near front lines. 

After BREXIT, Boris Johnson appears is gone too - what the day after looks about human trafficking and bestial torture that deprived Slovenian native(EU citizen) naturalized in 2000 American citizen of 27 years of life leaving one next to psychiatry with broken spine, and cancer issues to recon with thanks to Great Britain, doesn't come out 

every day...its a reality.

Britain is not so European country - its a predator on global scale more than willing to back-stab for the sake of its global interests the closest country at just about any time...nothing ever changed. 

Stalin was really nothing when compared to these monsters.

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