Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Winner of car purchase upon return from Poland is a new mountain bike

It became obvious after calling and identifying several other car sellers that is in my best interest to skip used car purchase since Slovenian president Borut Pahor who managed to turn us natives against one another like no one else in the history of this nation set foremost on behalf of Poland a whole list of traps. With used car sale in Slovenia(my purchase), Poland and Czech republic wouldn't only clean itself from crime against me, but I would endup very likley with car which owners engaged against me directly into physical torture - not only psychological. Such was the case with car I encountered on internet yesterday whose owner was involved in my case since she completed school/education. Latter drove me into area of Skofja Loka and Kranj to selected chain of criminals who would engage in as stated most severe psychological and physical torture methods. Thus Borut Pahor isn't selling cars on internet only, but instead in my case memories.

I think Poland would give anything in the world to wash away my experience with one.
This politician was deeply involved in crime and I would LOVE TO KNOW HIS REAL finacial shape inside of the Serbian state.

@Jelko Kacin - its about Skofja Loka area this time - not gay rights behind which you were hiding your real post Yugoslav UDBA image.

Physical torture during which I was exposed to even freezing temperatures in Stajerska region, however, did found echo in other sides of Slovenija - Gorenjska and Posavje...

They hospitalised with false claims/accusations and due to non exiting mental desease and idea for me to develop in the future real needs for mental asylum.

Slovenia is a fucking zoo. I bet am not the only one in Slovenia who stuck inside of the basement. Nope, we didn't fight in 1991 during Slovenian independence war for here seen - but this is what we have. Its what tolerance for crime brought us.

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