Monday, July 12, 2021

@Ukraine in respect to Russo German pipeline

 Let them pay for one prior to official green light(okay) for one. Ensure you charge them enough for them to pay via pipeline for entire Ukrainian military upgrade - not only economy.

As if you allow them to somehow operate one prior to stated above, you will soon face much much bigger demands/accusations from German side(impossible to meet with even lowest requirements from your side - even if trying to charge only operating costs for one) as entire German politics is based on UPGRADED lies and UPGRADED violence. Remember time to charge is now - not once you open them valves for gas to flow also ensuring Germany doesn't steal from Ukraine for gas costs in other economic areas. In fact your entire Ukrainian economy concerning Germany should be based on costs of Russo German pipeline(whatever deal you make with Germany - see one through pipeline's gas costs as was German oil purchase from Russia which financed war against Ukraine in Crimea and Donetsk).

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