Monday, July 12, 2021

26 years of torture

 and 26 years of German exhtortion during which Germany used even European Court for Human Rights as a ultimate tool(weapon of choice) to destroy me.

Ursula von der Leyen dreamed under MK Ultra about my signing German state a document(with my arival to Germany) prior to torture termination...

    No responsibilties and not compassion whatsoever - only hatred from German side.

@Germany - You can copy paste this image at place of my signature on your German document.

I even became certain Poland LIED ABOUT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...I learned today there was at least partial truth in between mount Everests of Polish lies in respect to Germany...

Germany as of today is a dangerous gambler without any responsibilities for its WORST(as normal world evaluated) wrongdoings whatsoever which DESPERATELY gambled and will continue to gamble with my existance to the bitter end just as ULTIMATE ENEMIES DO...nothing more.

EXPECTATIONS AND DEMANDS - IN RETURN FOR LESS THAN NOTHING(for 26 years of torture in my case and war in Ukrainian).

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