Saturday, July 10, 2021

Croatian Mate Rimac participated in MK Ultra since he started his compny - day 1(before he started one)

 I had enormous problem with him under MK Ultra do....the biggest problem for me presented fact was that he wore tennis shoes(type of running shoes I liked s well and what till then only my idea was about wearing what otherwise would be buisenes suit) next to comfortable jeans. I felt people(many did, but he didn't) copied my MK Ultra ideas at large and that he was just one of them...second, he started car company Musk alike for what I considerered(still do) was a total racial injustice. Mate couldn't handle me as I totally dedicated myself inside of his premises under MK Ultra procedure to cause him and his workers as many as possible problems. Angry and insulted as I was, little(nothing really) I knew what was all about.

Begining of his company, however, did have lot if not everything to do with above stated as West did admitted INDIRECTLY racial injustice toward me when cmpared to others involved in MK Ultra and its why they assited Mr. Rimac - West tried to improve impression about their view on me personlly as easten European in eyes of eastern Europeans who begun to accent louder and louder issue of total discrimination - racism(on one side fakers from West loaded with money and on other myself with one way ticket into mental asylum who lost two citizenships and had less rights than animal).

Mr. Rimac is some 17 years younger than myself to whom despite above stated, I wish my best.

Back in Slovenia for explained above, I was by SLOVENIAN CHETNIK MOVEMENT heavily resented for Rimac's prosperity...Ljubljana Chetniks did go MAD ABOUT it for what I took most severe beatings.


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