Friday, July 9, 2021

FAKE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS EVERY DAY: They implicated both cases and few other in my MK Ultra torture for me(I guess) to understand what US is all about !!????

If anyone from eastern Europe would ask for advice, I would answer with, 
"country became categorically by far too politically involved toward its citizens and worst yet with totally FAKE dysfunctional justice system which threatens one's fundamental existence with use of systematic dehumanization process from day 1...

If you have lots of time to waste on problems and are willing to import them even in your own homeland(home), it would be your perfect escape from what otherwise could be real life in prosperity"

Don't get me wrong, I don't envy Mexican or Belize or whomever immigrants as I know single Porsche made car sold many VW cars, but vacation for this very individual paid in full by US Government was great in his homeland while waiting for his justice to be delivered from abroad - they took me for a visit to one....and main bonus $$$ is yet for him to come.

As far as Britney Spears, her father James Parnell Spears roamed some time even in Poland(did camping there in 1998 - knows Donald Trump very very well) and have in return with precondition for future conservatorship of Brittney received her right to become what she became on stage...
Without papa James, you would have never ever heard for Britney and here stated is fact she knows very very well about long her mom ;)
I think people in big way lost track of their minds. Its not virus that did all - it was/is you THE people alone....

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