Friday, October 9, 2020

Donald Trump's movement is a ANTI-US-CONSTITITIONAL PRO-NEONAZI AND A TERRORIST stance of failed Madison Square Garden

Along their leader they HATE American flag and HATE US constitution to summarize in a single sentence. They never ever cared about this very case, but they attempted to use one via Orwelianism to crush US constitution for the sake of nazism. These are David Dukes -  George Lincoln Rockwellists - KKK Hitlerists whose plan went very very wrong. I am not worried much because I know, government invested in advance a lots lots of money to solve future problems in this specific area. Their machine guns will be echoed by police SWAT teams and others prepared who will clean them out really good(not for good, but for some time to come) and really really fast(espresso).

They love US flag in smoke when set on fire by minorities whom they terrorize to point fingers at them, but their real flag can be seen on the dead wrong(not right as right - losers LOST WWII and are just what WWII losers were) right side above.

Noooo such thing as violent leftists, or Antifa(off course you had violent nazis wear leftists uniforms to denigrate entire movement, but few exemptions don't set Trump's repetitive nazi stands against people as rules of the game) as some news outlets would like to adapt, problem is clearly explained above !!!

Trump's bandits can scare perhaps at times even civilians, but I doubt any of these man will back down intront of domestic "militia" !!! Their idiotic "don't tread on me" aggressive faces won't make it up to their expectations.

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