Friday, May 1, 2020

My article about beauty of black women compared to white

Was a piece of politically motivated racist garbage(now deleted) in which I targeted most beautiful in this world(its what women on general are) with idea to retaliate against politician and for what I do like to apologize.

No, there is no way to pay with sorry in this case. I know it. 

@all the black women. I want you to know that you are very beautiful women and precious to this world exactly for what you represent = diversity/one more beautiful choice. I also want you to know that I did dated black woman and she was Jamaican. I was also into other racially mixed women with black background. This website does NOT represent in many ways real me and has more to do with resentment against politicians than anything else.

Black women need a chance. Its the only thing that is wrong with them as is the case with back race as whole. Every little difference we make in our daily lives makes huge difference on long run and white exploitation which dates to early beginnings of black cultures is the one that made the biggest difference for black race(white race whacked also Asian and other races - placed rope around neck to Chinese as well) specially on the long run. Its the difference whites don't like to remind themselves off and under so called free speech guides even point in direction of communism which was the direct response to human slavery.

Black women, Asian women, and all other women - beautiful you are just as you are. There is nothing for you to change about yourself(reduce amount of makeup perhaps, but thats opinion I share for all women) other than to stand up tall and proud about yourself.

Its not about reparations. Its about working closely together and help one another to defeat what hunted this world and still hunts from early beginnings - ultimate evil/hatred which devastated us all time and again. Therefore its about MUST and not some kinds of reparations.

And yeah, try to reduce that makeup for your own sake as chemicals destroy your beautiful skin. Age one faster than what case should be. Males should also know is the same with aftershaves etc...facial chemicals are made in 99% made in a way to agitate skin via pores what consequently produces TEMPORARY ONLY tiny inflammation thus changing appearance into younger look(for males even via burning sensation whenever using aftershave and what you may think is necessary freshness) and are consequently leading into even greater and greater dependence of these chemicals not to mention depreciation of your psychological worth

Facial chemicals are no different from drugs/alcohol and other choices on which we become dependent on...perhaps necessary here and then, but for the most part not.

You are the most beautiful as you are. Your self confidence(what you know/can) and being nice with people is real worth you(we all do) project to the world and this regardless of the color of the skin.

About black women...hmmm...beautiful big lips(white women imitate them at large with plastic surgeries), beautiful Afro hair, their skin doesn't appear to age as fast, and awesome smell(women - you just have to appreciate absolutely everything about them - those who dream about "smell" issues have problem with smell from white women too trust me - "Rđavom kurcu i dlaka smeta").

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