Saturday, May 16, 2020

In my eyes, Poland sold me presold(presold to Buckingham palace/ Washingtion DC/ Berlin etc. - those who paid to avoid liabilities for cime) MK Ultra proofs which consumed 25 years of my life for the cost of cripling(its how one have conditioned truth and this with support of international elites)

And that was it. Police officer involved in MK Ultra whom case was given to handle by prosecutor's office(also involved in MK Ultra torture) month and half ago so far haven't done a single thing - basically just as the case was with Zgierz police/immigration. Case is crystal clear to me.

This was the final pay for 25 years of life lost on physical/mental MK Ultra torture, forced unemployment, and psychiatric torture.

Andrzej Duda have gone as far as gesturing me along other politicians from Eastern Europe under MK Ultra that such views(as my being beyond discriminated by Poland) from my side will not be tolerated and will be destroyed if taking here seen stand. 

From my side, its MINIMUM duty of government(governments in this case) to issue immediate apology to victim for horrific crime that costed one losing life and attempt to compensate for all wrongdoings. This never was the case the case as you know. Quite the opposite in fact.

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