Friday, May 15, 2020

Polish postal services in city Rzgow refused to deliver package - they say Rzgow is not Lodz

On package which arrived yesterday to Rzgow, correct ZIP code from Lodz, as well as street address appear along my telephone number(its not Rzgow, but Lodz I should list on package and this was the reason used to sent package back to seller) yet postal clerk refused this morning to assist me in matter as far as per my picking package from postal office personally. 

Country is drowning in racism issues(I know my name appears strange in Poland) and seems never will find its way out. Tiny Rzgow borders Lodz city, so its not that she wouldn't know where Lodz is either. 

 Why this kinds of attitude...because its a lots of Ukrainian, Chechen, Armenian, Georgian and other people here whose economies aren't doing as well as Polish which had thanks to Slovenia(well developed Slovenia deliberately postponed - refused for 5 years entry to EU till Poland was accepted in one - its what stupid solidarity produced) foremost privilege to enter European Union earlier that others.

Cheers to hatred. Problems with Polish postal services not new...same took place on several occasions already in Zgierz.

Deeply racist/hateful and divisive.

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