Monday, May 11, 2020

IMPORTANT FOR SLOVENIAN PEOPLE: Why I assumed for Poles to be even racist toward me as Slovenian

Prior to my being brought to Poland, I was tortured(discrimination/racism falls short of description about what went on with me in Miami and other parts of US) heavily in US and as such systematically introduced into Poland in 1996/1997 whose MK Ultra staff members interacted in front of me with Americans in English language...

As MK Ultra went on, torture in Poland intensified and the one in US almost completely stopped. 

Taking in consideration stated racism, discrimination, and torture(discrimination and racism were matter of joke when compared to MK Ultra) in USA that leveled my status to the one bellow animal - it was completely NORMAL for my brain to assume along American Brainwash in Poland against Poland(its what Duda Kaczynski Morawiecki produced) with idea to see one in most negative light and leave one as fast as possible that Pollacks alone were extremely racist people. 

Not brought from Slovenia to Poland for MK Ultra, but from US to Poland. Think about this.

I as a 23 years old Slovenian upon arrival to USA knew nothing in my life about Poland or Russia other than from not in that case !!!

I was further told by Americans to see MK Ultra in which there will be good and bad in a same way as is case with life - in society they claimed, there are also good and bad people...this off course if a lie. Lie to designed for one to see life as MK Ultra. 

Lie because I estimate 95% of Pollacks if not acquainted with my case would run to offer help and not what Trumpsters attempted to brainwash with...those who did as seen here have betrayed my trust as well as trust of others who participated in post MK Ultra with idea to help...Obamagate yeah...Obamagate(Trump hated Obama with passion for being a real man is all you need to know about Obamagate)

@Donald Trump - I hope you get publicly hanged for this.

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