Saturday, May 16, 2020

MK Ultra: Slovenian couple involved in MK Ultra obtained hostel in Mexico island via my MK Ultra case - we were several times in her hostel

We were several times on this very island. Got her hostel in 2010 looks like(according to article) but became involved in my case already sometimes in 2004 or even earlier...Polish government involved in this case directly. I was there even with Poles and not once only - on this very Island and in this very hotel. Not to enjoy to make myself clear.

Example: Seated(drugged up) inside of the room(was in Poland) and ordered to do something gruesome/filthy - unacceptable for normal human being...have refused and was seated next to American psychologist for some 12 hours on chair(in room right next to one) having to stare me in whatever while watching TV...I refused on several occasions in between to it went on like this day after have no idea what MK Ultra is, but from this case I can tell you they attempted to rehabilitate me into obedient animal who would comply with whatever. Break will in human being...break will for life(kill everything human inside of one)

US is by far far worse than what Soviet Union just have to see illusion as is and not what one depicts itself via pointing fingers at others and lies as was my case. 1000 x times worse and am not fan of Stalinist methods either.

Nope, Americans/Canadian elites didn't like to come here even that she mentions Americans/Canadians...she had totally other clientele coming. American/Canadian elites had their own destinations. Might have been here, but not often.

I supposedly have discriminated her as well...and so she was entitled to special advantage - its what case was almost 99% of the time. Special financing followed etc.. etc...
House you see was purchased and remodeled...I will try to recall more events from this house alone...couple invested efforts to help.
When shopping for her hostel(YES I WAS THERE EVEN WHEN THEY SHOPPED FOR PLACE), city HOLBOX at the time didn't offer decent buildings - poor construction or other issues - her husband was running back and forth throughout city and reported to us where/what, but this goes back to 2006 if not even earlier, so I doubt about 10 years as is mentioned on article as per 10 years...there was poor construction in one...I am almost certain purchase of house took place much goes to 2005/2006 - certain I am not...

Quick fix in respect to above mentioned elites - just late late arrival - sometimes in 2013 either British/Canadian I believe they popped up on island...

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