Sunday, May 31, 2020

HELTER SKELTER/LOOTING SHOOTING - We need him as a test subject inside of American prison system(he alone gestured people to inject themselves with disinfectants)

You know who Charles Manson was right well, he seats today inside of the White House and its a clear fact.

There were innocent people who couldn't escape jail system in US because of individual(maniac) like this one here - executions would fail time and again leaving allways on brink of death, so terror/pain could continue...what people suffered during WWII because of individual as seen here is impossible to even describe.

Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Junior looove America burned...they love seing what goes on...are laughing about it...lets see how long they will laugh for. do you address individual like this as Mr. president !!????????  

There is gotta be signal sent out there so severe that will make people like this think twice before committing themselves to crime against humanity. 
It breaks down to foreclosures, joblessness(without income/without job and with virus like this must not be easy) in which poorest neighborhoods with lowest education in most extensive health care care system in the world are targeted...and so for someone who holds presidential title to state something like this to his public(voters) is unheard off...humanity must display in a face of evil also different type of face. Placing individual like this on electric chair is a free ride ticket, but injecting him infront of cameras with what he suggests would ensure as stated above that his kind would think twice about doing what they have done o America and world. His kind caused lots of pain suffering to the world. Is okay for us to see what happens when their methods are used.

American prison system according to Trump alone(and others) is where all sorts of stuff is tested on human a normal thing according to them alone and I just happen to know something little about this stuff.

Human experiments can also be fun...bring peace to humanity.

Whether falsely blaming single individual or entire nation its a this case we have much more with idea to cause civil racial war in US and global destabilization.

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