Sunday, May 10, 2020

Polish Canadian American citizen involved in MK Ultra was very very busy with "rescuing" me al.Tadeusza Kościuszkiego 69

This newly bought in Carrefour Auchan store shoes were used for no more than a month and you can see what they look like in details...THEY MAKE YOU LIFE THE THING IMPOSSIBLE VIA DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS , PROHIBITION TO SLEEP, AND RAISE COST OF THE ADVERTISED RENT FOR ANOTHER 50% VIA DESTRUCTION OF YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY(time consuming exhausting toilet use, impossible tooth brushing after they broke me "wise tooth", (time consuming exhausting cooking of food - as each time you have to pack everything inside of backpack to use any of here stated - stay locked inside one week repairing modified operating systems and newly installed non functional software just to have things destroyed smashed practically infront of your eyes by brutes used to lure you out of room once you completed work to set you up with new problems - PAY FOR TORTURE BASICALLY IS WHAT THIS WAS). Related to

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