Sunday, May 24, 2020

From business perspective about Putan Putanowich and his team

Must be hard for Slavic business to see one another across the border as enemies, and am certain is even harder to consider fact which Putanowich(team Medvedev/Lavrov) took to a next level in respect to mutual relations which is a racism between nations as the case was with Ukraine when Putin in 1999 insisted to Americans/Germans(on Trump's signaling to assemble as white as possible Russian team which would give Westerners impression about Russians as whiter than Ukrainian counterparts) that Russians are whiter and this worthier to invest money into...I see this foremost as the biggest betrayal act against Russians alone of whom no one is white(all have Mongolian DNA admixture and many also other admixtures)

Putin even acknowledged with assistance of West and inside traitors Ukraine as racist prior to attack on none in Crimea and Donetsk...worst that this, it doesn't get !!!

We are proud of our DNAs whatever and wherever those may trace.

Inter Slavic relations like this suck and as a result also entire Slavic community when compered to the West where everyone works together with one another for common goal.

Putan Putanowich must go. Slavic sense for unity must return.


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