Tuesday, May 12, 2020

After one month, Allegro seller whom I remember from MK Ultra finally decides to refund money for returned computer for the cost of what appears to be virus - Allegro asking funny questions in between

Its not that I wouldn't know what am doing either. I anticipated here as was told case will be and so I video recorded fishy transaction. Seller ruined me a day for one thing(never ever responded to my requests and have in between even listed returned item back for sale on Allegro - Allegro seems either asked wrong questions or didn't comply with own regulations as well) will drag one to the court. YES YES - THEY KNOW I HAVE VIDEO RECORDED...KNOW MEANS THEY EITHER WATCH OR LISTEN ABOUT WHAT GOES ON HERE. Shipment was sent back via Allegro system as well, so there is no way they wouldn't have info asking question as seen here...what went on with android during recording as you see is also a great question...one clearly didn't record on internal memory as one should, but then again camera also randomly stopped recordings in middle of recordings and so did audio recorder and so you couldn't stop bluetooth share options and so on and so on all seen already in Grotniki's immigration center.

This seller opened ocean of possibilities under MK Ultra via brainwash ACCENTED ON no money return option regardless of costs for computer purchase from him...this individual at whose city i even was when subjected to MK Ultra resells Fujitsu computers since beginning of Fujitsu in Lodz....

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