Sunday, May 31, 2020

Last German NEONAZI circle I was introduced to via MK Ultra by German police and politicians sometimes in 2000s(was it 2002 or 2004/2005 am not certan)

I was told by Merkel alone for them to be my future military and will commit to crimes for my sake. Was demanded from me to defend them publicly. Beate Zschaepe(half Romanian and its what they do with our eastern European people who either come or stay in Germany - their kids - was important to German government as to suggest that nazism is universal "European" thing and not just German) refused to have anything to do with it at first, but I guess she gave in over time. Group(trio) also visited to US.

Angela Merkel is a threat to the world and so is entire German government as we see of today. Not alone and its why I am not surprised(he is liberal on surface, but neonazi under his skin).

Many European Union politicians are a neonzi lobbyists and I was presented to all. 

Beate Zschaepe is almost 100% NOT even a nazi...her German mother protested issue infront of German authorities - she is multiculturalist - a tolerant lady for your information and neighbors when witnessing German authorities in Germany were alarmed/horrified, but soon things went back to "normal"(SHE HAD A PENSION ISSUE AND WAS CONDITIONED WITH INVOLVEMENT - I KNOW HER MOTHER VERY WELL IS A VERY DECENT GERMAN MOTHER)...but there is no choice for immigrants in Germany regardless of their backgrounds. Mr. Jawed Karim(Bangladeshi had to pretend liberal cool while reporting everything back to German government) was also involved in MK Ultra and he alone told me under MK Ultra everything I needed to know. Its his family they held for the throat in whatever they say/comply or things turn the wrong way...specially do if you want to become someone. He eventually made it out of the German  shithall. Related to 
We go to Germany so white Aryans can pose next to us in uniforms they represent rightfulness in this world and we evil. Is a normal thing. Understandable and its why I never ever want to see Germany again(officially first time on my way to airport in 1994 when on my way to USA, second time return from USA via Frankfurt then to Bremerhaven to pick up car and drive to Slovenia in 2006, third time driving tractor trailer for week/two from Slovenia to Germany in 2007, fourth time during departure from Slovenia to USA in 2008, return from USA to Europe at the end of the 2009 was fifth time, attempt to file for political asylum in Germany in 2009 as sixth AND NEVER EVER AGAIN !!! Vielen Dank für alles)

Court only(if must be there as even such issue is sensitive in my eyes) as I will spur persecution against German authorities for genocide.

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