Sunday, May 31, 2020

Mother Zschape(her daughter translated to English as we were at her place with Americans) had similar experience in Germany as I had in Poland due to her mixed marriage(its better to avoid even reporting yourself at employment agency after-all rather than to have other issues invlved)

What my situation in Poland was...on one side you have individual observing every step you make(specially sleep - but also shopping and showers) and on other as a result of directed energy weapons and other sleep deprivation methods myself...

They forced me to break spine via forced joblessness and situation withing Polish immigration system on what I had to take ice showers and freeze in temperatures either close to zero or below zero fr few between everything was harassment. Not even glasses which visibility was reduced to 50%(I was often times better off without them to able to work or do important tasks is why 50% = it was 50/50) were not delivered despite my being in situation for over year...was yelled in face and pushed with forehead(threatened constantly and had even guy running after me with knife), everything was destroyed(cut) while for a year I didn't have money even for yogurt when commuting myself on foot to 2.5 hours far location...I begun to avoid police station and other government services as it became dangerous and when roommate on previous location banged music all night long since I went for a walk(wouldn't allow me to have normal life or even to eat in kitchen), I ended up throwing fresh food such as fish(didn't have money for yogurt and ate garbage with idea to save money to get that) away...I sure didn't want to look deeper into his violent MK Ultra issues which he presented during torture and in post period because as I stated, 25 years of my life did Poland ruined me...

Polish people appeared to me as legitimate human beings for the most part with exception of very few who sold themselves to political appetites. The problem still is that their representatives did sided with FORT TRUMP and have behind his back involved just in case if plan FOR TRUMP would fail also other side. This politicians collected during first round VIA THIS VERY CASE over 2 billion Dollars for reality show financed by the West and in second round(in case I would ever get that far) have bargained according to MK Ultra scenario for 70 Billion credit as I have explained. There also was third option on table, but because of mentioned option will not happen from my side as I feel betrayed/sold. And its why you will either charge with hate crime Kaczynski/ Morawiecki/ Duda or I will charge with one as whole nation. Nothing to celebrate Mr. Duda/ Morawiecki. You hurt Poland severely not only myself. Those who see in you whatever they want to see are free to do so, but nothing will change from this end. You are traitors to Poland, and world. I never ever cared about your lies on the first place.

Yes, human degradation can be so bad that you no longer want to visit even employment agnecy to register for fact so bad as was proven to me since  wasn't allowed to even write letters to employers when applying for jobs in my own room settings that you no longer want to apply for the job.

Yes, I am angry to the point that anything anyone would offer me(refuse o go even to dentist because of what was done to me and not because I would have some soviet tendencies) I wouldn't even accept and I get to see two criminal scumbags posing around with vine in their hands making fricassees for well deserved GENOCIDE - and nothing more !!!

Question for Duda/Morawiecki - Poland

What about if I wouldn't remember !!????? What about if something was wrong with me and then what would happen with me !!????? You are guilty as charged with GENOCIDE. 


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