Thursday, May 21, 2020

MK - ULTRA - Gauck was stationed in the house on the bottom floor

House was totally disinfected upon his departure according to Angela Merkel alone in 2000 or so, so I wouldn't becapable to prove anything about that either(hahaha <== allways was haha from her side and "he is no longer normal").

@Merkel - We will see  about who can, and who will, and who proved what already.

Germany choked Bobby(its what my name was in US) for no less than 25 years, but no more...
No wonder job opportunities on newspapers adds in Poland exploded for work in Germany during my stay(I doubt it would last upon my departure)... Świnia Kaczyńskiego/ Morawieckego/ Dude can explain all about it. Nothing Germany wouldn't give to get me out of here heh :))))

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