Thursday, May 14, 2020

Poland is a country addicted to American/German economy - mentality of crime is becoming one of the most widespread instruments used in one

With borders eased within EU, human immigration(already did to Slovenia and Czech republic) took lead. Unfortunately with the one here seen as well(quite a few Pollacks immigrated to Slovenia and live there as a result of this case).

Its exactly why, I don't want tomorrow another Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Croat, or Russian to suffer same as was done to me here and was done with permission of Slovenian politicians - make no mistake about it. I don't really care with whose permission, I never agreed to seen here...

Racism/discrimination are just as what they are and nothing less. Regardless from whom/which side are done...victims sometimes suffer life long traumas/injuries because of those and therefore it matters not who supposedly is related to whom and such is this very case.
They diligently learn Norwegian, German, English, Dutch, French etc. and do as seen on this news site. Jobs in Germany are advertised all over Polish employment sites - they are pushed in one's eyes(wages higher in Euros than domestic Zlotys - ratio 4.5:1) as soon as you set foot through state employment agency doorstep...

And in crime(the right to real free speech and not what is misinterpreted as one on the West where nazism is hiding behind one) they don't leg behind either...this is why. are dangerous. Very dangerous. Related to

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