Monday, May 11, 2020

US and UK are countries to be afraid off(very afarid) - far worse than what Soviet Union was

During Soviet Union, they competed with communism which blatantly pointed finger in them...upon fall of communism in Eastern Europe, previous competition turned into simple phrase, "its all the same wherever you go"...for that matter you have to thank Putin at most.

The only way out is via financial independence(should be on the first place) supported by strong stand against Western neonazism. 

For that matter, Eastern Europe must join power with Asia and totally reject Buckingham palace/Washington DC concerning any kinds of further global neonazi proposals. 

Such platform should also offer opportunity for healthy growth of new democrats movement base in United States of America from which civil liberties should again grow. 

They can offer in return to Eastern Europe competitive technologies/industry without fear of being prosecuted in US...they can help develop Eastern Europe just as the case was via those who attempted to gas one 70 something years ago...its either like this or its not. 

Its all matter of competition between two worlds - the ability to organize into self sustainable economic society which would offer hope also to those in US who stood up already in the past and are willing to stand up for your rights in the future.

Western coalition is engaging in systematic you/tomorrow I and will go on like this till finally will be left with last option - eat themselves.

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