Saturday, May 30, 2020

ITS OKAY: Trump announces end of US relationship with World Health Organization

Its probably by now that most United Nations member states would want to move also out of New York city. Will be cheaper elsewhere and more cost efficient not to mention impact of lobby given to big EUASSR through selected locations what voids neutrality of both organisations(essential ingredient). For European Union member states, Human Rights Court located in Strasbourg also no longer will be acceptable option. For me as a EU citizen this is no longer valid option as is as fascist as it gets(is nothing more than a bigoted neonazi club).

Trump(Mr. Total) is very helpful to humanity. Coronavirus logic and WHO don't go hand in hand with one another(to be honest with you, plans for mentioned were already developed because of what you created Mr. Total)...I am certain soon we will see big changes in respect to both.


Seems you are becoming totally irrelevant on stage and US is totally paying super high price(domestically with civil war not to mentioned how you are seen abroad) for your total views.

American made Coronavirus and United Nations which is all about minorities(its what we all are on planet earth - what Trumpet prick doesn't understand at all) don't go hand in hand with one another.

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