Thursday, May 28, 2020

USA/UK are the scariest countries in the world - USSR was a baby when compared to the two

Stories like , make me and British knowing who she is(huge portion of Britain) vomit. Its also funny to note Ceaușescu was during his visit quite popular despite being brutal dictator in Romania. As an politician as elizabth portrays herself to be(100 nothing on her or about her family is Royal unless you think torturing even foreign citizens for the cost of lives is a Royal duty), she should have avoided one on the first place or at least miss handshake, but was not like that...

She comes on to repeatedly brainwash(article was published numerous times and I had to listed this story under MK Ultra when in Buckingham palace on my own demise time and again) instead some 40 years after the actual event with idea for public to see itself in her rather than failed Eastern European dictator who was beheaded by own people. You have no idea how much I wanted to run away from these hyenas when tortured under MK Ultra...hide myself in bush/anywhere just to get read of drug substances I had in body that would even leave me half demented once months long sessions overseas ended(on each occasion) for a good number of days each time...

YOU ARE A HORRIFIC WOMAN ELIZABETH(small e used in article is no mistake - I am not British and no slave to you and your hateful family). HORRIFIC. SCARIER THAN SCARY. 
PS. Just look at the type of the media both countries have...its a twilight zone see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing will go away if the type of media - will die away(most severe violence was used in post MK Ultra against me) if we see nothing, hear nothing, know their courts with hanging ropes. My heart goes to all homeless(to those forcefully unemployed in open asylums as two countries are if you ask me) as well as to minorities in Britain/ US...

Stalin was evil and small too, but not anywhere even near as evil as as she is.

Royal News: Queen hid behind bush at Buckingham Palace to avoid meeting hideous diplomat

THE Queen once took drastic steps to avoid hated Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu during his full state visit to the UK in the 1970s - by hiding behind a bush in Buckingham Palace gardens.

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