Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Michael Jordan and his family involved in my MK Ultra case - is a very old friend of Barack Obama...

Not only Ms Juanita, but also both grown kids.

I spent as kid lots of time on basketball court-field with my friends...I wouldn't if it wasn't for him and others(Webb was my favorite cause Michael was just to damn good and was everyone's favorite player - was mine too for a long time, but since everyone was into him and either in LA Lakers of Chicago Bulls, I had to distance myself in direction which chartered my own views on world - Atlanta Hawks caught my attention with beautiful sport basketball dresses and Spud was just as athletic as I wanted to be) who all had personalities of their own. I could go on and on here, but have to do other stuff...anyhow, with their departure(Rodman, Jabbar, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley etc.) from stage I too no longer wanted play basketball nor would I ever again watch NBA which I did for 10 years religiously regardless of good one may be. It will stay that way too - its tame and place for everything.

Jup, we shopped in one particular line with Jordan when in supermarket...almost everything was done in one line...I hope Jasmine no longer is angry with me and the same goes to Aneva :))))

Other than that Michael was more like a dream(softer than all ladies together :)))))) - a treat in MK Ultra scenarios which on my disappointment wouldn't allow me to completely come to senses to see what every Slovenian boy dreamed off....next to Mike Tyson(also too good to be truth, but it was) this was as good as it ever got when subjected to MK Ultra... I want to meet both of you as for me you two are my generation - even am 10 years younger, but its what I up too in sport part of life the most.

Dražen Petrović was also my role model, but also the only one from European continent ever whom I embraced as worthy of attention(they were all like plants without any muscles in contrast to muscular NBA players).

Son of my cousin Sasha Vujačić(also involved in MK Ultra - my case was his ticket to NBA) played in L.A. Lakers...and so on...

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