Sunday, May 24, 2020

@Macron - Not everything is so dark AND THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH ANY OF YOU

There is considerable factory known as Renault in Novo mesto, Macron(whose father was foremost involved in my MK Ultra case) have conditioned one with if Slovenian government wouldn't see the neonazi FRENCH way. Neonazi French way means if my case
wouldn't remain hushed by Slovenian government via which signal upon one being hushed would be sent to general population on who truly prevailed via economic means in eastern Europe...far worse than Soviet Union if considering Merkel, Macron, Trump, Buckingham palace and few others deprived me of 25 years of life and have conditioned my existence in finals with even breaking me spine via corruption...FAR WORSE FRENCH PEOPLE AND YOU BETTER READ THIS WELL !!!

I sincerely hope to see more investors from China/Korea/ India, and Japan across the Eastern Europe...

@Macron...France should really worry about you as you are a little Hitler next to your German kanzlerin. As far as "European"...Eastern Europe(what you don't see as Europe) sees France more and more through German's neonazi WWII testament left prior to her disappearance from "European" stage...if you don't see people scared around you(HITLErUSSR), you are blind. 

I will also decline totally to see myself through few Americans(|like Trump's son out of wedlock as an example) who insisted of being abused just as much as they ALL SIGNED AGREEMENT PRIOR TO ARRIVAL HERE, but will see myself in those who were scammed to come here and abused - taken advantage off and were objecting Trump - have turned against one. 25 years of life deprivation doesn't fit any "discrimination" discrimination, but instead to firm genocide. Regardless of how brutal it was and regardless of warnings from all sides(specially corrupt Polish police who ongoing gestured "nothing" in case my views would remain in line along with sanity).


In concentration camps too...after burning, gassing, experimenting on Jews, Slavs, Roma and others - they bagged on knees while crying for their lives to be spared upon liberation...








Nope - I will not see it your way...don't want to turn myself into pathetic weakling loser criminal....not my culture and nor is in Japanese or those whom you see as weak. 

A lot of money you invested for me to see myself as you, but it didn't happen...many of you vs one, but you all failed despite all - Aryan hyenas.

@Macron - At least be a man like your predecessor was...spare French of total disgrace/shame.

Mr. "European". He burned one because of one was in a bad shape with idea to also boost "European" issue in so called "Europeans"...just as he promised he would have them do.


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