Thursday, May 28, 2020

WWIII WARNING: I do like to see Russia move nuclear bombs(ICBMs and other nuclear capable equipment) to Kaliningrad area.

The reason is simple. Death under Coronavirus crises(I am not even saying people endup dead due to Coronavirus as governments may be using other methods to murder under Coronavirus crises) exploded in Brasil(president is a neonazi fascist), Sweden, United States of America, and Great Britain. What mentioned countries have common to death is that one foremost takes out minorities.

I was told in case they wouldn't get China and Russia on board, they would exercise exactly seen here - get read of minorities in larger and larger proportions till those would begun to run from mentioned countries on their own. It means they disregarded entiery rule of law and international community as whole what means to me nothing else than prelude into WWIII.

@Kremlin...move them to Kaliningrad. Bring them closer to Buckingham palace, Berlin, and Stockholm.

Situation is alarming and Wuhan no longer even guilty as it became clear who was behind all along. Russia, China, India should now really team up in terms of military as world is facing ultimate threat. 

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