Monday, May 18, 2020

US CIVIL RIGHTS/WORLD WATCH OUT: China's ambassador to Israel found dead in Tel Aviv home - police

The problem with American civil rights is that they woke up MUCH MUCH too late. Donald Trump who sent Pompeo to Israel for WW3 campaign has a magic stick left in his hands with which with single move(eyes Iran which is on US death list thanks to beyond idiotic politic) can void entire attention he obtained in US to the side of the world where bombs will be raining upon...once attention is concentrated in other direction of the world, US civil rights will be decimated into nothing in US and back again...these are dangerous times as never ever before. People must demand Trump's resignation per ASAP or all will be too late. Individual is not only a threat to US, but to entire world. With Charles's replacement of old which, Britain too will become publicly blood thirsty. I call Iran to lift idiotic approach toward self quarantaining(just learn how much financial damage/freedom one costed within few months other countries and you will see what you are doing to yourself) and approach one as open toward countries willing to help. There are few left - specially to refrain from threats as you are not a match for US/ Russia/ and others along the way anywhere even near...on my favorite list if Iranian politician would be China.

Violent American schizophrenic even accuses China of what his(Trump) administration is doing to Americans in US....amazing and this after creating Coronavirus and spreading one throughout the world(more in US too than anywhere else as is used to silence people in US) alone. 

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