Sunday, May 31, 2020

How you destroy individual under MK Ultra

You create 10 different scenarios for each setup in chain of setups...out of this 10, its important to keep three as inspiring scenarios(at least from beginning those must look as solutions) because based on those you will start to build long term abuse....this way you build in individual trust based on abuse, and what will grow over long term into total abuse - failure. 

You continue to beat him up once reintroduced into MK Ultra environment under real circumstances, so his sense for logic reduces and if only possible you involve violent scenarios along the way so his reasoning creates anger shortcuts(reasoning becomes build on disturbed personality) which if pushed hard enough can produce desired outcome at almost any time....

More important condition him abuse with lies/false promises...anything to keep him silent while absorbing bad energy.

And this was done to me for no less than 21 years(10.000 scenarios !!??? More !!???) just for whole thing to fall apart in the end. 
It was a the biggest political stunt in the history of the world which others have seen as the opportunity for anywhere from reality show(perhaps even shows) to social experiment...

USSR was a baby compared to EUHITLERUSASSR.

There is no science to it.

And if I would have sound any smarter during MK Ultra, you never would have seen here written/watched with your own eyes either....

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