Monday, May 11, 2020

The one who made Beau Biden a real democrat was his wife(she was a fanatic democrat also involved in MK Ultra)

They compared her with Polish psychologist. Hunter(always pro nazi) turned against his own brother in most severe way - the two became enemies. Its via this very case top American democrats and entire democratic movement became destroyed. Joe has EVERYTHING to do with it. He didn't think twice even about his own son.

I was told same will be with me in case I would fall for one in Poland. They simulated me funeral and during whoever funeral was, I was explained on what happened. This is what MK Ultra is like.

After obtaining his trophy, Hunter got himself his life dream from South Africa is simple as that.
 Do I remember Beau's wife family !!??? Hell YEAH !!! Hunter who hated Beau became close to one during dying process, but not before as the two hated to death each other...just to remove suspicions as he stated.

Joe went on to convince democrats to give in via death of his own son. 

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