Monday, May 18, 2020

MK Ultra - what day of MK Ultra individual looks like when reintroduced back into MK Ultra environment.

I dare anyone to dispute my MK Ultra MK Ultra case was proven ever as the one you see here. Supported with facts despite its stranger than strangest fiction of reality account.

See a bit what you see as MK Ultra victim when entering post MK Ultra period - in this case far away from residences in US and home in Slovenia...its even harder(for me not hard, but there were disturbing times) dealing with lets say home surroundings if exposed to MK Ultra in those as was my case.

I mention in one Chris Cuomo(CNN reporter) who was not the only person from CNN network involved straight in this case...Mr. Anderson Cooper was involved in case too !!! Knows all about Poland just as Chris Cuomo.

@both of you guys - Wolf Blitzer(CNN) is a pro Israeli warmonger involved in my case since 1995. Don't eve think twice about what he has to say as he wants war there more than anything else in life...

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