Tuesday, May 12, 2020

B.S. INTERCEPTOR: "80.000 dead is not so bad" MK Ultra brainwash

Human exploitation was an old old business in South Africa and still is. As much as American past was bad in respect to workers rights, failed Apartheid land of Elon Musk was by far worse. They can't help do, but to bring their swastika culture to US as well(wherever they come they bring one with them and its why I deem them to be extremely dangerous for Eastern Europe where quite a few ran due to "persecution" - its also what my case was used for). What happened to Mercury, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Scion, Eagle, and so and so on !!??? Communities that got along well in Detroit, Chicago etc. is what happened so nazis ate them on in and out is what happened...I say bring American factories back so American workers will have jobs and high quality American made vehicles as the case was throughout history. Export instead neonazis back to where they belong !!!

Elon Musk was the one who insisted on 80.000, 120.000 trick...the one who also have hired black model to pose next to him when needed - like lets say now when is obvious that Trump's presidency is nothing more than American fiasco.

Elon Musk is a regular micro-camera thief. Steals and sells under his brand which technology is also supplied for the most part from Germany(VW). A regular nobody.

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