Thursday, May 21, 2020

MK - ULTRA - Lauck was not inside of the jail when in serving prison sentence in Germany(he was in and out)

In respect to Gauck, he also was in and out of German jail when imprisoned in Germany between 1995 and 1999 – what truly went on behind German jail curtain with Gauck only Germany knows, however, I remember his private apartment(basement alike apartment – housing) where according to Angela Merkel one was completing work which would be released even years after exiting jail. He alone named one as luxury hotel .

Germany although Merkel threatened me in person while laughing at me in 1998 at local employment office in Miami with "how I could find myself behind bars in Germany just as Gauck did for inciting in hatred" would have never jailed me, but ONE DID DISTRIBUTED BEHIND MY BACK VIA SIDE CHANNELS VIDEOS about me to minorities and others to basically ruin me with lies while playing under MK Ultra a nice guy infront of me.

For you to understand how dangerous German chancellor is. She was not alone and is not alone in her dealings - Christian Wulff(he most likely has a pilot license - not published anywhere on internet or whatsoever) was the one on the picture from very early beginnings and so was Schroeder(the earliest individual from German side) etc...

You don't have to be found guilty to be don't have to commit crime to be destroyed...

No wonder she stated what she stated at the employment office in wonder...understandable. The real prisoner was myself who was used by the German state to even release possibly real German criminals from American prison system.

Slav yes, your slave no more.

Blogger sent me signals ongoing to not publish seen here as google owners alone were involved in it...agreement under MK Ultra they made with themselves(with crickets) was here stated intimidation. For no less than 10 years was youtube silencing my right to exercise free speech in respect to MK Ultra. It started in Sweden and so did blogger branch of google.

Book am about to release will be well worth your $20 :)))

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