Monday, May 25, 2020

INSURANCE POLICY VIA MK ULTRA: Why were elites so willing to promote this MK Ultra case - why they wanted me

to talk about one...

It wasn't because as Trump stated someone to write him memoir about eastern Europe's business dealings was because elites made deal with opposition foremost.

Why/how ?

By giving me clues about what what wad done to me and anticipating my taking antinazi side at one point(its when brainwash no longer works), nazi opposition agreed into deal for nazis to go about new global colonial plan via myself for the cost of risk one could brought to humanity and little myself - unworthy to really mention...I am just a number after all, but most important comes next...

More importantly, nazi elites have with involvement of my case into politic obtained life insurance as crazy it may sound. How ? By revealing everything - whole thing to opposite site is how and to the public through to me is how, so no one could hold them liable is how and why...what mattered and what matters not was only question on how I will see things as, but for that matter real democrats never had to really worry as they knew the only decent person from both sides all along was myself.

Its also why no financial support whatsoever from either side.

Insurance policy thats all... insurance in case plan wouldnt go through as more likely wouldnt(and will not go through - I can confirm you this today)...this is how simple this is.

No side really cared about me, it was and is all about $$$$$ and cover ass for whatever long I talked about what went on, videotaped material of MK Ultra which they gathered under agreement(both sides have detailed agreement info on what I was allowed to be told and what not) during MK Ultra covered their asses....Trump had several interpretations for every single news and each side saw itself in one of those interpretations(cover ass policy for all involved) - only question here was  how I will pursue torture as as everything else was a lie from both sides - from beginning to the end.

The only real democrats today I know of is Obama, Pelosi, and A.O. Cortes...other than that is all questionable.

Example of above:

If Xi Jinpeng would see himself in news(if intimidated from my side enough or could possibly obtain the opportunity to somehow release side news as how they somehow did have knowledge of virus in Wuhan), Trump would obtain yet another support for global neonazi march...

If Trump would not manage to stimulate Xi Jinping into collaboration via this news site aqnd as described above(if he would failed as this is of primary goal of Trump/ Buckingham palace/ Berlin), however, Trump would obtain for him and his cronies insurance policy via proof(my exposing neonazi scam which he and his cronies created) which he submitted to democrats as productive for humanity...would translate in this case to democrats and humanity as attempt to stop nazi march from going forward by giving me knowledge facts about nazi takeover attempt if you understand the point....its how dangerous this MK Ultra case is. More dangerous than elites, are people who allow double game to go on for whatever reasons those may be(either personal financial gain or because they are not what they claim to be).

Xi Jinping knew that I am a good person...he knew already from MK Ultra that I do not fit any of Trump cronies' lies they made with attempt to convince other nations(they solicited India/China/ Japan into cooperation via lies)...and so did India and my Japanese emperors and this as bad as I was with them.

This is how deadly one news alone can be...not only can millions people see themselves different in one as one can be modified to individual taste, but one can be via corrupt political streams even used as a insurance policy for what otherwise could result in capital punishments for parties involved(and it will as I will NOT let go).


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