Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Will have beautiful ebook for sale within week :)))

Madam Angela Merkel was the first one to charge me unofficially at this very employment office with distribution of hatred as per my being the one who incited Gauck into hatred due which one will consequently serve 4 years in jail. In reality, Gerhard Lauck was old very well known neonazi by then who visited USA(and Miami at request of above mentioned individuals with idea to meet me) briefly – just prior to departure to jail for the four year prison sentence in Germany where charged for nazi related hate crimes in Denmark and reality not only did Gauck visited Miami, but German government transported me to Germany for at least month if not more to spend with him...and yes, we also entered neighboring Denmark what translated into my being video recorded under MK Ultra by German authorities who 100% did used such materials for the purp0ose of distribution of false information to African Americans as well as to other minorities, and most likely even to eastern European governments... misinformation/faultiest was one of the main ingredients necessary for case to go on. American deep state under Clinton's administration along with Merkel figured out for anything to sell well, value must first be created.

Prior to seating into cabin of B1B(nuclear bomb capable plane made in USA) in Germany with German minster whose hobby was flying, he assured me that Germany has more than needed to blow up Russia out of existence...I asked about Poland to what answer was, "huh thats nothing".

You can see now what American military bases present in Europe. I should say what those presented in Europe already in 1995.

Merkel stated above will never proven as is no way can be done. But it is a fact undeniable. The highest MK Ultra case worth to know about wherever you are and whoever you are...

Juppp...I figured out better than applying at La Creme Donutz, or lets say Phillips, Nordea(awww they only have beautiful sounding names of companies in Poland I tell you sweet) etc. is to employ myself and turn time dedicated what otherwise would be "job" search instead into money - solid future.

 Several cars prepared for second car purchase which according to Trumpet would 100% destroy me, also seems didn't go through well...yeah, they had a whole line of caravans, minivans from MK Ultra scenario for sale in which they encouraged to spend much larger amount of money... 

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