Friday, May 29, 2020

About psychiatrist next door in few sentences

Was a nice person at the beginning of MK Ultra(is one of the longest participating individuals in MK Ultra), but whole thing changed considerably. Got my attention by gesturing on how he already spent his career in best possible way thanks to my case. On other occasion, however, one gestured on how for him tings will work out well as one will side with ether side allowing one to collect bribe basically regardless of MK Ultra outcome. That he will monitor all that will go on inside of this unit(room) and eventually support my cause. 

And other in case I wouldn't like him(he involved some other psychiatrist from near area with whom both threaten me with problems via their profession if not compliant with extortion - dreamed about a lots a lots of money) that one would go even as far s ordering his boys(tenants here) to kill me with directed energy weapons entirely.

That I must be complaint with abuse an so on...basically attempting to grow mental issues in me via unpleasant circumstances. I am afraid much bad happened because of this very individual whose help I will obviously pass on.

He also had police threaten me if not complaint with him.

Stating this, one is off the picture entirely. Assistance for help due to funny stuff that goes on and this regardless even on how small when compared to sliced shoes at the beginning of stay here is therefore DECLINED.

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