Monday, May 11, 2020

MK Ultra - Trumps presence in wild hotel settings traced to center of Poland city Rzgow

Video can be also seen at or

This great looking exotic hotel is run be very very normal family - family oriented husband and wife with kids.
In a very pleasant for guests atmosphere with bar and bed(lodging) accommodations for those who need longer stay. Hotel gives visitors opportunity to interact with one another in normal relaxed ambient(much better looking than any night club/disco whatever I have seen and with plenty space for private conversations as well), and for those in need for more with additional possibilities....Donald Trump was extreme when it come to here mentioned possibilities and this place not the only such place he would pay visit to(Moscow etc.).

I was at this hotel before owner even owned rear forest(now park for visitors and so on) - nowhere mentioned in audio video...I can tell you about how owner got one and a Polish state stone fenced on his property...and more.

I will translate video into English when time permits and explain in details what friend Conrad have reminded me off went on over the years involving me. Pay a little attention to phrases - words he repeats ;)

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