Friday, May 1, 2020

Nope - still wont have to die, but will stay very very close to my immigration lady and city major and so on

There were some darker than dark scenarios on picture. Old Amer. psychologist told me to avoid them if looking too grim. Place where am heading, however, is everything but dark. Lots lots of positive vibes.

Old friends of which some trace back to Zgierz and even Grotniki. So I guess my time is not up yet :p

Get to live a bit longer :)))

From scenarios with garages to cheap remote locations as they knew I will likely have mountain of proofs about MK Ultra and will be eager to place them online...then they came to conclusion that garages wouldn't be such a good idea and they started to gesture on how I got virus in those as was the most convenient place to plant me with one, so I would avoid such locations and so on... and while I never was in garage in my life time, I admit this time I would even consider one if supplied with electricity and water with idea to post as many as possible videos that would and will blow your have nooo idea what I am about to post on internet. Places where I was and things I have seen(people who met me) go far beyond anything one possibly could imagine is possible.

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