Friday, February 11, 2022

Smoke from wood pellets role straight into my room because chimney was deliberately done this way

 Is what I was told by mother under MK Ultra. Room stinks like chimney and is impossible to air one. Anti Olaj who inspected crime and participated all plots told me under MK Ultra is of no problem...all normal, but I choke in one this morning. Got 3 hours of sleep not drinking coffee for over month - not even tasting one. My problem 99% certainty is heart - arteries. Bill Clinton claimed he got his surgery because of MK Ultra on him so I will get one too. Germans told me that some poison was added to MK Ultra drugs and was not only about drugs itself for which Clinton claimed made him sick. In 2005/2006 demanded for something to be done to me... for these drugs, my heart rate always was super low, but criminal conduct with which they followed up on me afterwards with idea to perform open heart surgery was and is something different. Anton Olaj, director of Slovenian police, is a regular assasin in hands of Milan Kucan.

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