Monday, January 3, 2022

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EVEN PAID UKRAINE FOR ITS NUCLEAR WEAPONS GIVEAWAY(for sake of self disarmament) AND HAVE NOT ONLY MODERNIZED FAILED RUSSIAN POST SOVIET MILITARY ARSENAL WITH WEAPONS OF TODAY SO ASSAULT ON CRIMEA AND DONETSK COULD TAKE PLACE: I command Estonia for taking part in Ukrainian right to existence, but Have nooo idea what US have so far secured in terms of weapons concerning Ukrainian integrity - sure its nice

when someone claims will defend you in case of invasion, but then again not so much after one was and is responsible on the first place for chunks of your country to have fallen in hands of the enemy that is ready to defend you from and keeps declining to offer you ACTUAL arms you yourself could use them to defend your national integrity - independence.
Estonia is 100% friend of Ukraine no doubt, but going from blah blah USA to facts - US hasn't provide almost any military assistance to Ukraine in form of weaponry(few jevelins - totaled 100 million USD !!???)...its nice one will "protect" one in case of Russian aggression after Russian agresion already ate huge part of Ukraine, but even nicer for Ukraine would be to have weapons one could use for self defense. Russia occupied 1/5 or Ukraine in 2014 and still camps on Ukrainian territory. 

I certainly hope will see some real assistance to Ukraine also from US side. However, socioeconomic military pact I suggested a while ago does have interest all the way to Estonia as can be seen(ADD BALTIC STATES TO ONE) - one only is waiting for realization specially for the benefit of everyone in region not only for teh sake of EU members' security(European security matters to everyone - also to those in Spain and Portugal on the other end of continent).

By the way, in 1997/1998, Vladimir Putin weighted attack on either Baltic states of Ukraine.
Ukraine prevailed - for now but no one knows who could be next. Putin threatened with attack even Finland if one would dare to join NATO....guy clearly is self delusional lunatic in search for new victim. Will attack Finland and Sweden and God knows whom else...US owes to Ukraine !!!

President: Estonia supports Ukraine's right to decide 

President Alar Karis.
President Alar Karis. Source: Kairit Leibold/ERR

President Alar Karis said Estonia supports Ukraine's aspirations of joining the European Union and their right to decide to join any other associations.

Karis met with Matti Maasikas, the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine, in Kadriorg on Wednesday to discuss the country's domestic policy developments and the EU's future plans in Ukraine.

The two spoke about Russia's possible military action in the region posing a threat to the security of Europe and called it important to continue support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"Despite of the constant hostilities in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainians have remained pro-reform, continuing their efforts to integrate with the European Union. Ukraine is a country where democratic values are appreciated and Estonia supports Ukraine's aspirations toward the EU and for Ukrainians to have the right decide over which associations they want to be a part of," Karis said.

The president confirmed that Estonia highly values the EU's activities in Ukraine and will continue to support Ukrainians bilaterally and through several EU initiatives.

Alar Karis plans to visit Ukraine in the start of 2022.

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