Friday, January 7, 2022

Number 1 fact about Brazilian Hailey Biber's mom

 I PERSONALLY selected one for Stephen as OK and IN BRAZIL.

@Haily or how you came to this world - once I selected your mom as beautiful, I still heard "you are racist" all around me, but Stephen who heard I likened her jumped in between with "WAIT WAIT HE SAID HE LIKES HER"...on what he continued with "I TAKE HER"....your mom was gone bye bye you 

and came along...that racism crap was used to get babes jump in arms of saviors and way to much at my expense...then next to beatings that went on a real paranoia commenced of people seeing unseen and demanding more and more violence...more and more guilt.

Your father, however, was very very pleased with choice I supposedly made till few years latter they started to get down on his throat as I(left behind for dead) was becoming more and more defensive...more and more responsive at times before b.s. even started.

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