Thursday, January 6, 2022

I realized prince Harry went wrong in life because of me - as far as his nazi clothing

 I had much much greater influence on kids than what I believed initially. Beatings/abuse turned me into a very very crazy public MK Ultra display, however, kids who observed and displayed for the first time compassion for me against physical abuse in 1997 Sevnica 

location did go further than what they should have...I assume responsibility for his crazy nazi outfit as was/is my sole fold 

Harry grew up around political lunatics and well myself whom he dearly cared for. He subconsciously took my side or I should say my MK Ultra image had influence big enough for him to take wrongest turn in life... his display of nazi stuff probably result of frustration for which everyone claimed are just a matter of time I will prove world my right that just wouldn't come out of me...

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