Friday, January 7, 2022

German Olaf Scholtz because backstabbing - I don't like !!!

Macron stated on my question if there is a way out on supposedly Slovenian MK Ultra torture inside of the Novo mesto hospital which pre-examined me upon physical testing in 2017 I cite, "yes, but only one"...on my reply with question "what" he pointed out Germany and insisted  me with either Germany or death - "that German man Scholtz". And this is what I got from Germany as a payout of MK Ultra on whose behalf one spread into Europe and globally. Nice.
Video can be also seen at 
Scholtz did very very okay since 2001, but I did that much worse for another 20 years since awaiting his so much accented to me by German government rescue(in 2009 I was not allowed to file even for political asylum in Germany once I got there).

I just wanted to clarify completely why my anger toward Germans as whole. German government played all sides - and believed foremost will play joke on me behind my back  also  with South African government against me. Kept me as an open option, but did so with idea to twist me around its little finger for me to become German pawn...well, it doesn't work like this here. And yeah, in 2017/2019 I had enough of Scholtz as well - he knew what was coming and moved very fast after accusations he made against me..."your savior" as Angela Merkel referred to one as...funny crap.

German government involved minorities from all over the world into physical abuse/beatings against me also in Germany over the course of the years...was one of the main problems initiators against me. Played extremely filthy and foremost hypocrisy - backstabbing.

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