Monday, January 3, 2022

Charging cables destroyed 5 or 7 years before I purchased car Citroen Xsara - they destroyed items before owners' eyes before those even managed to sell car TO ME

Destroyer in this case again was Andrej Uhl - neighbor. Lady(car seller I finally purchased car from last month) whose cable was destroyed before her eyes in either 2015 or 2017 was and is a Slovenian police veteran. She could have done nothing at the time other than to depart home with cable which was slashed infront of her eyes.
Video can be also seen at

Mike Tyson for example had a habit to bring item from USA(flashlight) and have at the same time have numerous items ripped apart so he could claim credit for one on what since he realized I am racist, he destroyed that one as well and returned to US - such was the story lets say on my telephone I brought from USA and flashlight he brought - Dwayne Rock Johnson had sink stoppers destroyed so he could sell mother own stopper on which he glued duck and so on...such is the truth about social justice warriors champions...American NON RACIST heroes in USA and also what became case in Slovenia. But karma is a bitch !!! Just remember here stated.

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